Shari Billger

"Love is all there is,
ever was,
or ever will be."

Shari 1994

Dancing With The Dolphins

Bahamas – July 2009

Dolphin and orbs

Photo from one of my dolphin trips. Aren’t the orbs amazing!

Is Spirit sitting on your shoulder saying “you need to go”.  Or, do you just know it in your heart. Maybe your inner child is jumping up and down with joy saying me, me, me!

We will swim with the wild dolphins four afternoons plus snorkel over Bimini Road. Discovery Channel did a one hour special on this road that is believed to be the road to Atlantis. It was absolutely amazing; the feeling was quite eerie and brought back memories, you will have your own.

The dolphins are amazingly playful and love to surf the waves on the bow of the boat as well as interact with you. They have so much to teach us. Three years ago we worked with the captive dolphins in Ixtapa, Mexico. We studied their Merkabas, scanned them for illness and gave them healing. Their biggest message was we humans have two choices; we can choose joy or torture, unfortunately most of us choose torture. Which do you choose?

Our trip to the Atlantean healing hole which was also filmed for Discovery Channel was amazing and will be again.  We will bask in our memories and the natural lithium.  Each of you will receive a personal healing from Shari.   Last year the participants reported powerful healings.

There will also be plenty of relaxation time for you to process, snorkel, dive,  or just relax and explore the island of Bimini which was one of the homes of Ernest Hemingway. We enjoyed his bar on the island.

We will prepare for our interactions by doing exercises that raise our vibrations in order to have the ultimate experience. This is a very high level spiritual experience and we look forward to sharing it with those of you who are called by Spirit to participate.