Shari Billger

"Love is all there is,
ever was,
or ever will be."

Shari 1994

Falling in Love With Yourself

by Shari Billger, spiritual teacher and healer

In this third year of the Mayan Year count down the Mayans say our focus is to be WORKING ON ISSUES OF INNER ANGER VERSUS THE DESIRE FOR PEACE AS WELL AS SELF-INTEREST VERSUS SELF-SACRIFICE. For most of us this is a big switch and a long stretch from the traditional theme of spilling yourself away resulting in the inner well running dry. Yes, we need to help others; but we also need to help ourselves. Focusing on healing and pampering ourselves results in self esteem. When we have true self esteem the love and assistance we give to others grows exponentially. This column is dedicated to all of you with ungoing information on how to pamper and heal ourselves.

INDULGE! A Ritual to Enhance Self-Love

By enhancing self-love, people will love you.

The ritual detailed below comforts and heals your heart while connecting you to “Divine Love.” It is particularly beneficial for those feeling lonely or depressed, or who are lacking self-love, self-confidence, and self-esteem. By making this a ritual to enjoy regularly, you will find yourself feeling calmer, more confident, and constantly surrounded by love.

Start by finding a nice, quiet area in your home that will become your own magical space for these special rendezvous with yourself. Here you’ll be creating an “altar” to practice your ritual. Allow your artistic creativity to blossom! Add objects that are special to you. Keep a journal close by where you can write your inspirational notes.

Your Evening Ritual

You will need the following items:

In a 10-ml bottle, add the following essential oils. Then add organic vegetable oil to fill:

Arrange all the above items on your fabric. Each day, take a few minutes to sit in front of your altar, light the candle, and let its fragrant power embrace the room. Take a few deep breaths, allowing your mind to unwind. Continue until quietness occurs. Apply the aromatherapy blend clockwise on your heart chakra and breathe in its beautiful scent. Say the following affirmation while anointing yourself:

“I love and accept myself. Beauty is in me and surrounding me.”

Hold the rose quartz on your heart. Feel its soothing and comforting energy. Stay still for a few more minutes.

I would be delighted to hear from any of you who would like to share their experience after indulging in this delicious “Falling In Love With Yourself” ritual.