Shari Billger

"Love is all there is,
ever was,
or ever will be."

Shari 1994

Human Design

Living Your Design

In 1987 a supernova (death of a star) exploded bombarding our planet for several minutes with a deluge of subatomic information with its dying breath. When it actually reached us, everybody on this planet received three times as many Neutrinos (prana) as normal. Around the same time on a Mediterranean island called Ibiza a man had a deep shock experience on January 3 of that year. This mystical experience lasted eight days and eight nights. He was given immensely detailed descriptions of how our universe functions, and out of this he was given the Human Design system.

What does it mean to live my design?

It is actually a very simple thing. It is another way of showing a person how to be themselves. From the moment we are born we are conditioned by others to be our ‘not-selves’. Human Design is a synthesis. For something to be a true synthesis it must include everything. Human Design contains all systems from all walks of life because it is founded on fundamental genetic principles. Another way to describe Human Design is as a mutation. It is a mutation of consciousness itself, and as such it spreads quickly. It spreads through the living cells of our bodies, even while it enters through our minds.Once we have heard our true genetic strategies, whenever we forget to follow them, this remembrance inside us flares up again, and again, and again, until we get it.

Human Design is a way to finally begin to live your true, authentic self. Human Design can lead our planet to peace. Understanding Human Design and Living Your Design assists you in stopping the never ending process of judging yourself and others which is essential to evolution and ascension. Human Design is about showing people their uniqueness and giving them the dignity to be themselves. It is a bridge to living as highly evolved being societies live, something that many of us are striving towards Human Design identifies each person’s strategy in life, each persons inner authority, no more guess work. Once your Human Design chart is completed you will begin your deconditioning process, the deconditioning of the not-self. You will be embarking on your journey to living how highly evolved being societies live. You will finally begin to live as your true, authentic self.

“I can see Human Design being a two semester requirement in the education system in the future, it is that powerful”.
~Colorado Student

“What is it about you that single-handedly raises the vibration of a room? It couldn’t just be the words… could it? I’ve never heard someone speak such deep truths with understanding before in my life. You, (Shari), have merged with the will of God by letting go of your not self and embracing your true Self and as such you live in service to God/Goddess and in service to your fellow man”.
~Colorado Student of Shari’s

“This is the best workshop I have ever attended.”
~Shari’s Japanese coordinator and promoter.

Shari teaches Human Design both for personal use and for certification to become a Human Design Specialist. She also does personal charts and is certified as a Human Design Teacher and Human Design Specialist. For a private chart or classes available, please contact Shari for more information.