Shari Billger

"Love is all there is,
ever was,
or ever will be."

Shari 1994

Quantum Leap Distance Energy Healing Sessions™

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them. Mathew 18:20 —– Energy plus intention equals healing.

We have the ability to identify patterns and processes that are inhibiting well being and move you through it with many healing modalities as well as send quantum leap healing energy. This works on all levels, mental, physical, spiritual and emotional and is multi-dimensional. (more)

How do I book my Healing Session?

To book your Healing Session with Shari please email or phone 719-332-3947. After a brief interview to determine your needs we will schedule your session.

Any of the following may be used:


Healing energy can and does travel to whatever person, city, state or country that is designated regardless of the distance between the healer and the client.  Long distance healings are private, convenient and just the same as if we were working together person to person in the same room. The energy works on adults, children and our beloved pets as well. In a recent symposium, The Cure For Cancer, one of the presenters stated that the first thing that must be done is to deal with the emotional/psychological issue underlying the health issue.


In 1903 Einstein discovered the incredible formula E=mc2, through which he proved that matter and energy are interchangeable, and that matter is a pulsing field of energy. The mind and the emotions are energy fields, and they all have their frequencies. If the frequencies are optimal, you have no choice but to be healthy, confident, successful, happy, and in a life where everything you do leads to a higher energy state. When our frequencies become less than optimal, things start going wrong. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the physical, mental, spiritual or emotional, if it’s optimal, we have a good healthy mind and body. Einstein began the work in terms of frequencies, but other people have done some extraordinary work with frequencies and one of them is Dr. Hans Jenny, a Swiss scientist who discovered that when he took some metal plates and put sand, inert matter, on top of the metal plate, and vibrated different sound frequencies through the metal plate, with each sound he vibrated, he would get a completely different pattern in the sand, and he could create all the forms of nature through these sounds, thus demonstrating that frequency creates form. If we want to change our form, we must change the frequency.

Dr. Bruce Lipton’s work (The Biology of Belief) focuses on the mechanisms through which energy in the form of our beliefs can affect our biology, including our genetic code. His work tells us that genes and DNA do not control our biology; that instead DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs. 

What are my options?
We can work via telephone, Skype™ or without either.

Each person’s needs are different. The focus of all of my sessions is to change frequencies from dissonant to healthy, life-supporting frequencies. After the initial consultation part of the healing, we are able to determine what is needed, whether it be an energy constriction release, counseling, energy work using pure creation energy, Reiki, crystals, crystal bowls, tuning forks, past life regression, radiesthesia (pendulum), color, affirmations, changing old patterns. (where your mind goes, energy follows). In other words your thoughts in this moment create your reality in the moments that follow the thoughts)  I use a variety of modalities which allows us to tailor-make the healing sessions based upon each client’s needs.  Also please read the drop down menu on types of sessions offered.  The energies of creator along with an entourage of healing angels combine to create change on all levels (physical, emotional, spiritual and mental).  I have experienced and witnessed amazing results via long distance healing!

How do I book my Healing Session?

To book your Healing Session with Shari please email or phone 719-332-3947. After a brief interview to determine your needs we will schedule your session



Stage 4 brain cancer (referred to as the terminator) patient: My client, a beautiful 42 year old accomplished woman unfamiliar with most of natural healing modalities chose to do a three part program. 1. Chemo/radiation for six weeks, 2. A guided healthy supplement/diet program and 3, natural energy healing from me. After the first two hour session she reported she could feel the tingling in her brain as well as more energy. Two days later she reported that she had energy all day to do typical errands and that the inflammation in her face was no longer present. Plus the pain in the tumor area had dissipated. After two weeks of chemo/radiation, a changed diet and my twice per week energy healing sessions her mother reports she is doing really well.

~I phoned Shari from Italy while on vacation. Within a matter of minutes I was feeling better!

~I was having ankle issues and contacted Shari because I was very familiar with her powerful work. I could feel the shift in my ankle as the pain left. She gets to the emotional root of the issue so real healing can take place.

~Shari is the best healer I have experienced.

~Shari is the most resourced person I know.



This is deeply beneficial when emotions are in the drivers seat, emotions like fear, sadness, abandonment, anger, hurt, We can clear and relieve the overwhelming emotion in just minutes.


~It is amazing just how fast and effective this is. I can breathe again!