Shari Billger

"Love is all there is,
ever was,
or ever will be."

Shari 1994

Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is the most ancient form of healing,
practiced by humans world wide.

Because of my mergence with my higher-self and deep connection to many levels of the super-conscious, animals and nature, I receive messages constantly. These messages are integrated into my workshops and private sessions to assist you with your ascension process and healing journey. These gifts are a carry over from past life and other dimensional existences in addition to parallel life experiences plus a lot of dedication to the conscious expansion of these gifts.

Having spent a lifetime in training as a Bodhisattva with the Buddha starting at age seven, his teachings are also integrated into my teachings. One of the many things he taught us was to be like the swan and ride the waves in the water. I often use the river (water) as an example of our journey. It is important to not fight the river.

Your wisdom comes from the river that you have traveled that is behind you. All of the bends in the river in front of you are yet to be traveled and discovered, each bend offering more wisdom. Until you have traveled those bends one does not know what they don’t know they don’t know – yet. The wise person recognizes this and looks to someone who has already traveled those bends. Ego often prevents us from living this wisdom.