Shari Billger

"Love is all there is,
ever was,
or ever will be."

Shari 1994




“I listened to more of the was loud and clear on my desk top…
I am more convinced than ever that I was supposed to have you do the totally got what I was trying to get across. You understood where the questioning needed to go and how to help me out…
It proves our connection!
This is after my QHT Session with Shari, do you see the violet orb in the bottom corner and the orb above us. This was a very enlightening weekend where two of the same beings of light came together. If anyone is interested in Quantum Hypnosis Healing Therapy, then I recommend Shari, and she travels the whole world. It will be an experience that will change your life forever. The session was out of this world.

Love to you my dear!”

~DG, Colorado


FoL and Disconnecting From The Collective Conscious/Unconscious Fear Matrix:

“While I was walking outside I saw a person that I know from Dallas that hasn’t seen me for about 5 months. Her mouth literally dropped open because she said that I looked so incredibly great! Then a friend was walking down the hall and as she got near me she was literally bent backwards because of the light she saw coming from around my head. Her comment was that there was a bright glow coming off of me. Then I noticed that she kept looking at me from a distance. Finally she came over to my workstation and told me that I looked ten years younger!!! Just now a Japanese healer introduced himself to me. I reminded him that I had met him when I first moved here. He said that I looked so different and healthy that he didn’t recognize me!!!

How many spa retreats do people go on for a week or two and spend literally thousands of dollars that get these results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok… I am ready to sponsor a thousand people!!!! ‘It’s time to set the captives free’ as the old prophets would say.

I knew that this event was going to change my life! Even if I am a bit stubborn at times! Many walls came down this weekend as I disconnected and reconnected!!! Now there is NOTHING that will prevent me from fulfilling my dreams and destiny. Thank you sooooooo much for your energy and presence!!!!”

~Student from Pennsylvania


Flower of Life:

“I loved the Merkaba. Very nice way you taught it too. Very effective. And I loved you. I consider you to be a remarkable woman, one who I will always remember and cherish as a friend and teacher. There are many, many things I loved about the experience.”

~Student from Colorado

“This is one of the classes I consider a MUST on the path of spiritual growth.  Shari is a very evolved teacher, and works with angels and brings info from the higher dimensions.  Her insight and skills are truly remarkable.  She is one of the very few teachers who worked with Drunvalo Melchizedek for many years.  I took The Flower of Life last year, and it is one of the most powerful tools I have. ”
Love from My Heart,

~Pam, Utah

“Wow awesome and amazing you are, thank you for the fol workshop it is very energizing, enlightening, enveloping, enfolding, engaging – an en of all ens.”

~Bill, Utah


Human Design:

“I was  sitting 10 feet across from Shari while she was explaining some of the details of Human design, she looked over in my direction, her gaze was steady as she continued to talk. I thought she was looking at the man to my right as he was experiencing some difficulties in his life at the time. Looking back on the event,  Shari may not have been making eye contact with him or me. What I saw,  was Shari transforming into a “shimmery”  liquid, similar to what a mirage would look like. I felt a huge surge of energy come toward me. I was transfixed with the whole event; Shari’s liquidness and the heated energy that filled the room. The event lasted maybe for 30 seconds, maybe,  I was not counting the time. I was astonished that  I could see and feel this alternative energy. This event has left me even more convinced that  the levels of our being  have unlimited potential . Human Design is a valuable instrument  to grow and learn as humans and as spiritual beings. ”

~Susanne, Colorado

“I can see Human Design being a two semester requirement in the education system in the future, it is that powerful.”

~Student from Colorado


Tuning Fork Therapy Workshop:

“What a great class! While we had a long drive home in the snow,
we reveled in the amazement we have with your knowledge and teaching us
what we need to know, exactly when we need to know it. That is not
only in a classroom setting, but on a personal level as well. I am so
grateful for you and your gift.

As far as a testimonial… WOW, what can a girl say?! While the above
is a testament to your teaching and knowledge, I would add that your
class demonstrated your exquisite command for the energetics of the
universe and that you teach the information with flawless grace. Your
teaching style addresses ALL levels of learning abilities, and you
ensure no student is left behind. While you were specifically teaching
about the many uses and benefits of Tuning Forks, you combined your
grasp of many other healing modalities to support their use as
healers. Your credibility has somehow implied a bit of credibility to
me as a healer because you explained this modality so well, and we
practiced it with you! I am thankful for this new tool (or set of
tools!) in my toolbox, and plan on incorporating it into a healing I
am doing on Wednesday!”

~HH, Fort Collins, Colorado


DNA Reset:

“I have no words that can verbally tell anybody how ‘WOW’ amazing this experience was . When I first meet Shari, I was so drawn to her essence. I couldn’t put a finger on it at the time however I knew she had some type of mastery some knowledge of something I would be given the opportunity to experience. I feel I cannot share in this testimonial what transpire in the workshop I participated in with Shari.”

~Student from Utah



“What is it about you that single-handedly raises the vibration of a room? It couldn’t just be the words… could it? I’ve never heard someone speak such deep truths with understanding before in my life. You, (Shari), have merged with the will of God by letting go of your not self and embracing your true Self and as such you live in service to God/Goddess and in service to your fellow man”.

~Student from Colorado



“Of all the teachers we had sponsored here in Japan, Shari is one of the three Master teachers I have had the pleasure of working with.”

~Wrenn, Japan

Note: I performed a number of healing modalities on this client including balancing the electro-matnetic field, Food Allergy Repatterning, Meredian Balance and more.



“I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to do some sessions on the Firestone crystal bed. What a life changer!! I experienced weight loss of six pounds in just two days following the sessions – I was jumping up and down, I was so excited! It’s the best weight loss program I’ve ever done! :0) Since the sessions I have noticed a complete change in my diet. I literally don’t crave any sweets, I find myself craving vegetables, fruit and foods that are healthy. When I think of food I want healthy food, the thought of junk food doesn’t sound good anymore. .And I find myself forgetting to eat (which in the past I used to think of food every time I get stressed out, not anymore) this is amazing!! I feel better than I have in years!

After the sessions I noticed my body was immediately pain free! I couldn’t believe it, I haven’t been pain free in over a year.

I can’t say enough good things about the Firestone crystal bed! What a
ride -l’m ready to do it again! :0) I would recommend it to everyone!
I wish I could get everyone I know to do it! It’s an amazing life
changing experience!!!! Thank you so much Shari for all you have done
for me.

I look different I see myself differently I see myself happy beautiful I love myself I’m no longer ashamed of my body how I look because all i see is beauty now

Weight-loss peaceful disposition people at work saying I look well rested seemed very calm and asked if I was stoned.

Not afraid to speak up I don’t view it with fear anymore.”

~Student/Client from Utah

Note: I am able to travel with an Atlantean Crystal Healing Lamp



I sit here thinking…and knowing…
I am so Blessed to walk with this woman…
Who I learn so much from…
Her patient, nurturing nudging for me to grow and expand to my fullest potential…
The excitement, the joy in her face as she looks at me when I finally get it…
And I think YES!…I can move past this pain.

She reaches her heart out to me and carries me through…
And I feel safe…
And I think to myself…
In this space, I can do anything…heal anything…

I am SO Blessed…
to walk with this woman!

Thank you Shari!

~Debra Mueller, Milwaukee, Wisconsin